Understanding how we improve medical documentation in disasters

UK-Med and the UK-EMT were a focal point in a new piece of research written by Dr Anisa Jafar published in Third World Quarterly journal.

About Anisa:

Dr Anisa Jafar is a trainee in Emergency Medicine and has provided consultancy to UK-Med for a number of years, focusing especially on the aspect of developing medical documentation for use in the UK EMT (Emergency Medical Team) following her experience with the World Health Organisation (WHO) EMT minimum data set (MDS) working group.  She has worked very closely with the UK-Med team to help develop the basic documentation which covers the needs of the WHO minimum data set for EMTs as well as helping develop and deliver data management training, workshops and standard operating procedures.  This work complemented her recently completed PhD study entitled “Medical documentation in sudden onset disasters: A review of the introduction and incorporation of the agreed WHO minimum data set for emergency medical teams”.  One aspect of the PhD was to address the knowledge gap of how EMT practitioners experience the process of medical documentation in disasters, with a view to understanding how this aspect of emergency response might be improved.  Some of the volunteer participants for this study come from within the UK-Med register of practitioners which provided an invaluable contribution to an under-researched and essential aspect of disaster response.  The results of this study, as well as contributing to the PhD thesis, have been published in the Third World Quarterly journal.

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She has limited copies of the article to share, so get in touch if you would like to get your hands on one!

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