2020 Membership Satisfaction Survey report: 3 month update

Earlier this year, we reported on feedback from our previous Membership Satisfaction survey that many members completed in late 2020. We identified a number of areas where we could improve your experience as a member, and we would like to update you on how this is progressing.  
This is part of an ongoing effort to provide you with the best membership experience possible and we will be continuing this development into the future. 

How we’re doing

  • Provide an update on UK-Med’s membership structure, so that members can see where they fit in and what they can expect from their membership.

We have information about our membership structure on our website to aid understanding of what you can expect from your membership.

  • Detail the selection process and criteria for our response teams, to provide insight into how members are selected for response teams.

We’ve recently shared a short guide that details the process that UK-Med follows when building a team for a response and how we select individual team members. You can access this guide here.

  • Promote new opportunities to get involved in UK-Med’s core activities.

In May, we began circulating a new bulletin to all of our membership every two weeks. As well as grouping our communications into a more digestible format, we hope that the bulletin makes it easier for you to hear about upcoming opportunities that you may be interested in.

We have also circulated new guidance to core staff, to encourage consistent and continued member involvement in activities as much as possible in future.

  • Continue to develop UK-Med’s new strategic plan which will provide the basis for more opportunities in response teams in coming years.

We are working on a new Strategic Plan for 2021-26 which will be published later this summer. The plan will guide how we develop as an organisation as well as the type, scale and number of international responses we undertake. We look forward to sharing the plan with you and incorporate your feedback as we enter our next strategic period.

  • Share greater technical detail about our responses, where operational considerations allow.

In recent editions of our newsletter, we’ve shared a variety of stories from members who have taken part in our responses over the last few months. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these stories and that they have provided you with insight into their activities. 

We would like to thank our members who have provided the material for these stories, and we look forward to sharing more of their stories in future as well as more specific technical detail from our responses.

  • Share greater insight into the ongoing planning and management of our responses.

In May, members were invited to meet new members of UK-Med’s Health team to learn more about how their input will ensure that our patients will receive the best possible care.

The event was recorded and you can watch it here.

UK-Med’s work would not be possible without our members. We will continue to keep you updated on the survey feedback progress over the next few months!