Patient Stories: Nine-year-old Ioane Akelie’s journey to recovery after the measles outbreak in Samoa

Ioane, nine years old, was admitted to Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital with severe complications from measles and spent several weeks in the intensive care unit on ventilation, critically ill.

His condition has improved but his chest is still problematic and he is extremely weak from his illness, particularly down his right side, and has a long road ahead of him to a full recovery.

Ioane received daily physiotherapy from the UK EMT physios which included exercises to improve his lung capacity and clear his lungs, such as blowing bubbles, and daily standing with support to build up his physical strength.

The physios are so proud of how far he has come. “He’s such a hard worker” says Susie Wolstenholme, a physiotherapist from Plymouth. “He will do an exercise which he finds really hard, like standing or walking, but he is so determined, once it is done, he will always want to try it again.”

On Christmas Day Ioane amazed and impressed everyone by walking with support across the room! We wish Ioane all the best with his ongoing recovery.

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