Pharmacists and Medical Logisticians on the UK EMT register were recently provided an excellent opportunity to gain greater medical supply chain knowledge and competency when UK-Med ran its Pharmacy in Austere and Challenging Environments (PACE) course for the first time. Taking place on the last weekend in October, the course saw 14 participants from different clinical backgrounds participating in a two day simulation exercise.

The course covered an overview of the medical supply chain, sourcing pharmaceutical products for an emergency health response, and the storage and handling of pharmaceuticals in a humanitarian context. Learning through shared experiences was encouraged by great engagement by all participants and UK-Med will be looking to run the course again in 2019 following a successful first run.

The PACE course afforded me a great opportunity to meet and work alongside experienced Pharmacists & other Medical Logisticians to practice and learn the necessary skills to help UK-Med and UK EMT deploy.

Kirsty Porter, Paramedic and UK-Med Logistics Assistant