UK EMT register members have attended a series of Conflict Affected Areas Training courses during the end of October and first half of November. The course was run three times for groups of around 20 members, in order to prepare them to work within active or post-conflict settings. The courses aim to increase awareness of security threats; reduce risk along with appropriate risk reduction measures; and provide the opportunity to discuss and practice reactions in high risk situations.

Like all UK-Med training that I have received to date, it was highly educational; challenging; and very worthwhile. Topics covered included: personal security; kidnap, arrest and detention; security drills; vehicles and security; sexual aggression; and contingency planning. While this may sound daunting to a potential volunteer, the emphasis was on avoidance of all these catastrophes throughout. The final day (of 3) consisted of simulation, where all the drills and practice was put to the test.

The training was provided by Clarity Security Training, who did a magnificent job. Thanks to all at UK-Med for providing this training. I highly recommend it.

Derek O’Reilly, Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgeon

Image Credit: Paul Blench