All members of the UK-Med team have come through an ‘Out of this World’ experience over the last six months with their commitment to and subsequent verification of the UKEMT Type 1 & 2 and specialist cell in Rehab, during the Simex/Verification weekend held in Moreton-in-Marsh 9th -13th December.  The UKEMT verification was undertaken by Dr.Ian Norton (WHO lead for the Global EMT initiative) and his team with several peer observers from all around the globe.
Dr. Ian Norton commended the UKEMT partners in their collaborative working together and continued commitment to the EMT global initiative.  The team received a total of 9 ‘Green scores’, within the core and specific core technical areas of our practices during the verification assessment process and areas that are considered to be good examples of best practices globally for other EMT’s.  In particular UK-Med’s training and membership scheme is considered to be unique and one which other EMT’s should strive to work towards.
On a more personal and reflective note, despite the challenges and workload over the last couple months, I have been privileged to work not only on a unique project but also with a very committed and motivated UK-Med team, alongside our wider partners with the FRS (Fire & Rescue Service), HI (Handicap International), DFID (Department of Foreign International Development) and CHASE OT team. 
It has most certainly been an ‘Out of this World’ experience and the drone image that gives an overview of the scale and size of the Type 2 field hospital layout gives an essence of the impressiveness and scale of the recent undertaking.  I would also encourage all members to open the 360 link and undertake their own walkabout within the site layout of the Type 2 set up in Moreton-in-Marsh to help explain visually the aforementioned ‘impressiveness and scale’.
Plans for 2017 are already underway with the team to follow-through with some of our lessons learnt from the Simex/verification experience and one which will involve closer involvement and participation of our members in the coming months. 
I have no doubt that the coming year will remaining challenging for the UKEMT but there is genuine motivation and commitment to the global initiative and though we are now verified by WHO, with our first ever full Type 2 team (53 team members) standing up to be on-call from the 1st Jan 2017  , this is really just the beginning of the future and potential of the UKEMT!
Photo Credit: DfiD, Drone shot of Type 2 Field Hospital, December 2016

Article by Rachel Fletcher – Deployment Manager