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Benefits of membership

Become a UK-Med member and you’ll join our Community of Practice, a group of people who are passionate about global health, humanitarian issues and medical care in emergencies.

When you sign up, you’ll get:

access to online learning and training opportunities

exclusive updates about UK-Med’s current responses and issues affecting the humanitarian sector

info about how to apply for our latest overseas roles.

Becoming a UK-Med member can sometimes be a first step to joining one of our emergency responses. But to be deployed with us, you’ll also need to be part of the UK-Med Register, or apply for a specific advertised vacancy.

How to join UK-Med


Read our principles

Before you sign up, you’ll be asked to commit to The Humanitarian Principles and the UK-Med Code of Conduct.


Complete the form

You’ll then need to answer some quick questions about your professional background, interests and experience.


Get regular updates

We’ll be in touch by email about events, opportunities and ways in which you can support UK-Med’s work.

As part of our Community of Practice, you can also create an online profile and upload your CV. We may review your profile if we’re looking for people with particular skills to staff a response.

Membership FAQs

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about membership below. If there’s anything you need to know that’s not covered here, just get in touch.

Who can become a member of UK-Med's Community of Practice?

The UK-Med Community of Practice is open to health and humanitarian professionals in the UK and around the world.

Is there a membership fee?

No. But if you can donate to support UK-Med’s work, we really appreciate it. Your donation will help fund UK-Med’s responses to health emergencies around the world.

Do I need to be a member to be deployed with UK-Med?

Yes – if your application to join the UK-Med Register is successful, you’ll become a member as part of this process. Other health and humanitarian professionals can also join the Community of Practice to access learning opportunities and stay up to date with UK-Med’s work.

How do I update my details with UK-Med?

After completing your Community of Practice sign-up, you should receive an automated email with instructions for how to update your membership details. If you haven’t received this email, please contact: enquiries@uk-med.org.

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