Child Safeguarding

Course duration: 1 day

Course aim: Participants will gain an understanding of key protection issues they may face during responses to disasters and become familiar and confident with best practices for effective coordination and collaboration with protection actors.

Course description: Whilst most clinicians will have an understanding of child safeguarding within a UK context, this course will focus on child safeguarding in a humanitarian setting and will take into account the additional barriers that might could exist in this environment.

This course covers topics such as:

· Child protection in emergencies priority programming

· Case management systems and how they work

· Coordination mechanisms in emergencies (formal and informal)

· Practical examples for collaboration between health and Protection/CP actors

CPD points: 6 hours CPD points

Eligible specialities: Emergency department Nurses and Doctors, inpatient Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, GPs and ID doctors

Participant testimonials:

‘Excellent training, well paced. Really engaging and passionate about topics and very informative.’

‘Extremely enjoyable course. Gave good examples to put everything into context.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Very well delivered course. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and share info.’

‘Feel it will give me confidence to highlight concerns regarding malnourished children and those
exhibiting possible deficiencies.’