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UK-Med is a WHO-verified Emergency Medical Team (EMT) and delivery partner of the UK Emergency Medical Team, the UK Government’s frontline health response to disasters overseas.

UK-Med responds to crises around the world and are proud to be both:

the UK's only independent EMT;

the only partner of the UK Government's EMT (UK EMT).

In June 2022, UK-Med were gained ‘Emergency Medical Team’ status: meaning we can be called upon 24/7, 365 days a year, to fly anywhere in the world to take critical medical aid to where it is needed most and save lives internationally.

Since 2016, we have been a key partner of the UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) where we provide high quality emergency health care solutions in a range of humanitarian contexts on behalf of the UK Government. Funded by UK Aid, it’s the frontline of the UK’s response to disasters around the world.

UK-Med helps to staff, launch and manage UK Emergency Medical Team responses. We recruit, vet and train team members, so they’re available to help in emergencies overseas. At any time, we have a team of 60 clinicians who are ready to respond to disasters anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

What are EMTs?

Emergency Medical Teams deliver essential medical care following earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, disease outbreaks and other humanitarian emergencies. Depending on the needs of the countries and communities affected, this might involve:

  • individual personnel
  • small clinical or advisory teams
  • self-sufficient primary care facilities, or
  • a field hospital, including surgical team and inpatient facilities.

Emergency Medical Team responses will include UK-based medics who are released from NHS jobs for three weeks at a time by their employers or from our register of humanitarian experts from around the world.

Get involved

Interested in taking part? The first step to being part of a EMT response is by applying to join the UK-Med Register.

Photos (L-R): UK EMT physios Susie Wolstenholme and Maeve Tohill do physio with 9-year-old measles patient Ioane in Samoa. Consultant Paul Ransom treats a coronavirus patient at Nork Hospital in Armenia. UK EMT team member Franklin Umenze leads resuscitation training in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

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