Amrita’s Journey

Amrita’s Journey


Join us as we take over University Place on Oxford Road this November to bring our graphic novella ‘Amrita’s Journey’ to life!

At University Place, Oxford Road

On Monday 8th November-Friday 12th November (open all day, with guides between 12-2pm)

Free to attend and no registration required

This month, we launched Amrita’s story: a graphic novella that follows fictional aid worker Amrita through as she travels to COP26. Along the way, she poses the question: how will a stretched aid system get ready for the climate emergency?

In an installation taking place at University Place, University of Manchester, you can follow Amrita on her journey through life-size artwork and explore her seven recommendations for the humanitarian sector. You’ll be able to talk to UK-Med volunteers to find out more about the report and take action by signing our petition calling for the global community to act now 

Amrita’s Story is a fictional composite of different aid workers’ experiences, collected as part of Sounding the Siren, a collaborative report between UK-Med, Save the Children UK and The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute. ‘Sounding the Siren’ explores the key issues facing the humanitarian sector and proposes urgent recommendations for organisations to prepare for the increasing numbers of people who will be left without healthcare, shelter and food due to climate change.

Featuring illustrations by artist and illustrator Dwarka Nath Sinha.

Location: University Place, Oxford Road
Date: 8th November 2021
Duration: 5 Days