Sounding the Siren: Launch Event

Sounding the Siren: Launch Event

Photo: People resting under a tree in the refugee camp as they carry water in Baidoa, Somalia, March 2017. (Credit: Amors photos, Shutterstock).

Every year, the lives and livelihoods of millions of people are destroyed by disasters, both caused and made worse by the climate emergency.  

Extreme weather events will continue to hit harder, more frequently, and for longer. Increasing numbers of people will be left without healthcare, shelter, and food. The result will be suffering on a scale beyond our experience, with the world’s most vulnerable bearing the brunt.  

Join the panel to discuss Sounding the Siren; a research study which brings together the experiences of aid workers to present findings and recommendations for governments, aid and development organisations and concerned citizens.  The panellists will discuss:

How can we use what we learnt from COVID-19 and the innovations we devised at pace to address an even larger threat?

How can the aid system improve and what are the barriers to change?

And what should the global community do now to face down this existential threat?

Date: 12th October, 12 noon GMT
Format: Online panel discussion (via Zoom)
Price: Free
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Missed the event? Watch the recording below:

Location: Online (via Zoom)
Date: 12th October 2021
Duration: 1 Day