Our Fundraising Promise

UK-Med / Our Fundraising Promise

#1 We spend donations so they have the most greatest impact for our patients.

#2 We value every gift, large and small, and we will always put your gift to work as quickly as we can.

#3 We will always thank you for your support, and send you communications that update you on the impact of your gift.

#4 Your support helps people all over the world. We’ll share stories of our work and be honest about the challenges we face.

#5 We’ll never sell your data.

#6 We’ll make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us. If you ask us not to contact you we won’t, unless it’s a legal requirement.


#7 Our staff, suppliers and volunteers will adhere to the Institute of Fundraising’s policy on vulnerable people.

#8 To help us be efficient we will sometimes work with external suppliers to contact you. We’ll train, monitor and regulate our external suppliers to meet our standards.




#9 We will not make cold telephone calls to members of the general public.


#10 If we get things wrong, we’ll be upfront about our mistakes, apologise and fix them. We take complaints seriously, and they can be directed to enquiries@uk-med.org. You will be contacted to let you know the next steps of your fundraising complaint, which will be reviewed by the charity’s Senior Management Team.

#11 We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and are committed to abiding by the Code of Fundraising Practice.

If you would like to chat to us please call Holly Smith our Head of Fundraising and Communications on 0161 275 8476 or email her on holly.smith@uk-med.org.