Gender-based violence

Course duration: 1 day

Course aim: On completing this training participants will have a better understanding of the key
elements of gender-based violence (GBV) and the magnitude of the problem worldwide. They will
be able to identify, care for and support survivors of GBV and understand UK-Med’s role in tackling
this issue in the field.

Course description: This course provides a broader understanding of gender-based violence, focusing particularly on the
context of a deployment to a sudden onset disaster as part of the UK Emergency Medical team
(UKEMT) and the role of protection in a humanitarian setting.

This course will cover:
• Identifying survivors of GBV
• Clinical/medical management of GBV
• Psychosocial first aid and creating a safe, accessible healthcare facilities for survivors
• Completing the medical certificate and body maps
• Working with other actors and the role of the GBV Lead

Register members who complete this training could become GBV/Safeguarding lead on a

CPD points: 6 hours CPD points

Eligible specialities: Midwives, GPs, and emergency department consultants, who have completed
core training.

Participants testimonials:

‘Many thanks – a difficult subject which has opened my eyes in several areas, especially the scale of
the issue and the longer-term consequences.’

‘Very useful, thanks. Empowering to learn more what we can positively do in SGBV situations.’
‘I feel much more confident to be able to support a survivor in practice. Being faced with this
scenario as a professional now feels much less daunting.’