Global health responders – a shot in the arm for the NHS

As the world continues its fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic, this study shines a light on the significant benefits NHS doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who have taken part in an international emergency medical response bring back for their NHS practice and patients in the UK.

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Its findings corroborate existing research on international health partnerships. 83-98% of survey participants experienced improvements in their:

clinical skills;



ability to deliver quality improvements for patients.

The study calls on policy makers, the NHS and the general public to recognise the dual benefits that emergency medical responses bring both to disaster affected communities and to the NHS.

Download the report

For further information:

Enquiries from policy makers or NHS employers: david.anderson@uk-med.org

Enquiries from media: comms@uk-med.org

Author: UK-Med
Report first published: September 2021

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"In A&E, I think we’re very bad at taking breaks. You do have to have some kind of escape valve."

Taking moments for reflection and self-care are some of the learnings that @DGNHS's Freda has taken from responding to crises overseas. #GlobalResponders


"I came back feeling part of a global picture & with more energy to keep fighting"

After the 2020 Beirut explosion, ICU Nurse Matilda travelled from Yorkshire to Lebanon. She shares how the experience enhanced her work back in the NHS.

https://uk-med.org/nhs-report/matilda #GlobalResponders

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