Course duration: 3 days

Course aim: As a participant, SIMEX will test and prepare you for the realities of a deployment through a fully simulated mass casualty incident and ensure that you and your fellow clinicians are prepared to respond and function as a team in the case of a real-life deployment.

Course description: SIMEX is the UK’s largest annual disaster response exercise. This highly practical training takes place in a live controlled field exercise that allows players to implement and practice procedures as though in a real response. UK-Med takes part by representing the UK EMT with a field hospital footprint set up ready to receive patients and the exercise allows clinicians to meet and work with other like-minded members of the UK EMT register.

CPD points: 18 hours CPD points

Eligible specialities: This training is open to all specialities in the UK EMT who have completed their core training

Participant testimonials:

‘It was a really valuable experience to see how all of this comes together and it was so great working with all the rest of the team – amazing experience.’

‘Good mix of experience and skills made the three days very interesting and varied. Learnt a lot about types of leadership and how it can be applied effectively in this setting.’

‘I found the sim extremely useful and I feel much better prepared for future deployment.’