South Africa

David Anderson, Humanitarian Health Advisor (Outbreak) worked with WHO and the South Africa Ministry of Health for one month in February.

David is a senior nurse holding extensive experience in outbreak response in case management, capacity building, infection prevention control within an outbreak response context.

David had two main focuses – to adapt the WHO guidelines for COVID-19 to the South African context and to provide training to a range of healthcare and management staff in preparation for an outbreak.


No. Trainings Delivered


No. Personnel Trained

Activities included

  1. Technical support on case management planning, including transportation, clinical treatment, homebased care.
  2. Assessed the readiness of health care facilities for COVID-19 and supported the increasing readiness of nine referral hospitals by ensuring they meet the WHO standards for treatment centres i.e. identifying the gaps and providing the necessary missing resources.
  3. Developed and reviewed the standard operating procedures (SOP), protocols and algorithms for case management, infection prevention and control to be used in training and capacity building
  4. Further developed the guidelines for homebased care and strategy for dissemination of information to healthcare professional and general public
  5. Technical advice to the National Preparedness and Response Plan for a Pandemic response to COVID-19
  6. Advice for strengthening of supply systems for medical equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical supplies working with the Logistics Pillar
  7. Presentation to Director General and MoH regarding clinical preparedness and quarantine/mass gatherings policy
  8. Guidelines developed on education settings, hospital staffing, accommodation and equipment