A message about scam emails

UK-Med has been made aware of a small number of scam emails purporting or implying to be from or associated with UK-Med. These emails generally request information from businesses with the promise that they will receive contracts in return. These emails do not emanate from UK-Med or any UK-Med employee and are not in any way associated with UK-Med activities. Unauthorized individuals and/or organisations are falsely using UK-Med’s name in an attempt to fraudulently secure unlawful gain. UK-Med cautions suppliers to be wary of these and other similar solicitations that falsely claim association with UK-Med.

Please note UK-Med does not use third party purchasing intermediaries or agents. For high value procurements, UK-Med rarely directly contacts suppliers because, for transparency reasons, these opportunities are openly advertised on our website. All correspondence regarding these tenders will only come from procurement@uk-med.org. UK-Med shall not be responsible for the content of any information nor shall it be liable for any conclusion, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever suffered or may be suffered by any part or members of the public arising from or as a result of reliance on or usage of any information from portals, websites or email domains which are not authorized by UK-Med.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have concerns about the legitimacy of an approach made to you or your company purporting to be from UK-Med or on UK-Med’s behalf.

Information for vendors

Introduction to Procurement for Suppliers

A Supplier’s Guide to UK-Med Procurement

Procurement Checklist

For Suppliers / Sole Traders to go over before submitting a Bid

Applying for a tender opportunity

All enquiries from suppliers, including recruitment agencies, must be sent to procurement@uk-med.org . Please note that, due to the volume of sales enquiries we receive, we will only follow up with you if your offering is of current relevance to our needs.