Right now, UK-Med is receiving calls from around the world to help fight COVID-19. Help us answer them.

Vaccines are only part of the solution. By donating to our COVID-19 response fund today, you will make a big difference in some of the world’s forgotten places.

The UK-Med team have been refreshing, redesigning and delivering the training curriculum for national staff, including both theoretical and simulation training sessions.

A donation of £18 could equip staff with a pulse oximeter; an essential piece of equipment that can monitor the deterioration of a patient with COVID-19 early.

Midwife Sophie Otieno trains Bangladeshi nurses and midwives how to canulate (UK EMT Team Two, August 2020)

A donation of £35 could help us provide a day’s training for a local healthcare worker and equip them with the skills needed to battle COVID-19.


A donation of £71 could help us reach a group of doctors and nurses in dangerous, restricted or remote areas through a tailored online training session.