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UK Emergency Medical Team Emergency Roster

The UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) is a government funded initiative to provide emergency humanitarian health care to those affected by disasters or other humanitarian emergencies. It can deploy specialist teams to deal with specific emergencies or a full field hospital at the request of the UK government and its partners.

Details regarding vacancies on the roster can be found here.

Procurement & Supply Chain Lead

Are you an experienced humanitarian supply chain and procurement specialist looking to make a huge impact on surge health responses?

As UK-Med’s new Procurement & Supply Chain Lead, you will develop a robust supply chain system delivering procurement and movement capacity across our programmes. This will include order processing, procurement, storage, transport and customs compliance.  You will bring significant relevant supply chain expertise, either from a significant period working in the sector (5+ years) or a combination of a relevant degree and experience.

Humanitarian Health Advisor

Are you a health professional and a passionate and experienced humanitarian?

We are seeking a qualified nurse or doctor with at least 2 years’ experience in humanitarian health work, to join us as a Humanitarian Health Advisor.  This is a diverse role, ranging from office-based work preparing technical guidelines and training packages, to leading overseas capacity building activities and deploying with clinical teams in response to sudden onset disasters.  The successful candidate will join us at an exciting time in our development, as both UK-Med and the UK EMT programme grow in scope and ambition.