Yemen Appeal

The people of Yemen need your help now.

Please donate today to provide training for doctors and nurses at Yemen’s frontline, who will have the knowledge and support they need to save lives:

Working in Yemen is incredibly challenging, but we cannot turn our backs on the people here. I’ve seen the impact that our teams can have - bringing together the best NHS, humanitarian and local expertise. With your support, we can help equip hardworking Yemeni doctors and nurses with the tools they need to save lives.

– Kenneth, UK-Med’s Yemen Operations Manager

Illustration of a man carrying a child through a street that is strewn with rubble and smoke.

Will you give frontline Yemeni health staff the training and support they need to save lives?

The first UK-Med team arrived in Yemen in August 2020, as the deadly COVID-19 swept through the county. We supported five health facilities and trained 100 health staff – anaesthesiologists, doctors and nurses – working across 13 governates.

Given there are just 10 healthcare workers per 10,000 people in Yemen, the training had a big impact. Staff saw a huge increase in knowledge – with some having nearly 100% improvement. It was a hopeful start, but we must do more.

The frontline of the war splits the north and south of the country, with 80% of the people living in the north. Because of the context and scarce funds, there are very few international charities working here.

Illustration of two medical staff wearing masks and gowns helping a patient laid out on a gurney.
Only half of Yemen’s health facilities are functioning and there is a critical shortage of staff, medicine and supplies.

UK-Med is the first charity in six years to be granted permission to work in the north, so we must urgently help the people living here and begin rebuilding local health services. With your help, we can bring in a team of highly experienced NHS surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff to Yemen. We can help support the country’s surgical services and train Yemeni healthcare workers to treat the physical traumas often seen in warzones.

With your generosity, we’ll be able to train 100 surgical theatre staff – ready to provide life-changing surgery for the many people and families who desperately need it. We know when UK-Med brings together the best of the NHS, humanitarian and local health expertise we save lives – but we can only do that with your help.

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