UK-Med Logistics

Short, intense ‘just-in-time’ training for logistics roles, undertaken immediately before a deployment.

  • For all UK-Med Register members responsible for logistics on deployment
  • Variable timings depending on response requirements
  • Developed and hosted by UK-Med

About this course

This training will give you a general overview of basic logistics to prepare you for the scenarios you’ll encounter on a deployment. The training applies to all UK-Med responses. Logisticians who have completed the Core Training Pathway are likely to need to complete this before being accepted onto the Register, and it’s also used as ‘just-in-time’ training, which is an on-demand learning response provided for specific roles immediately before a deployment.

What you will learn

This training will give you guidance around best practice in logistics and ensure that you’re clear and confident about our policies and procedures. 

By undertaking this course:

  • You’ll gain a clear understanding of how to manage logistics on deployment
  • You’ll know where to find checklists, resources and documentation
  • You’ll understand how to implement UK-Med’s approach to logistics 
  • You’ll know how to implement procurement procedures in line with policies.

How you will learn

This training will be undertaken online. In some cases, the self-directed e-learning module may be supplemented with a live session to give learners the opportunity to interact with experienced UK-Med logistics specialists. As the training is both for familiarisation and used as ‘just-in-time’ training, it is highly responsive to the immediate needs of a specific deployment, and timings may vary, but it will be short and focused. 

Who this course is for

This training is specifically for UK-Med Register members who are logisticians or responsible for logistics on deployments, and will be provided on an ad-hoc basis when recruiting to the Register or as part of the pre-departure briefings before a deployment. 

Course details

The key topics you’ll learn on this course are:

  • Preparation and pre-deployment activities
  • Arrival, importation of resources, and initial team support
  • Site setup including electrics, shelter, and communications
  • Logistics during deployment, including fleet management, warehousing, procurement, asset management, and ongoing site management
  • Demobilisation, debrief and review.

We select and contact members to take part in this course. You can always get in touch to register your interest. 


If you aren’t a member yet but want to look at applying you can contact us today.