Why we train

UK-Med is dedicated to delivering an effective and unified response to health emergencies. To do that, we need staff with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Our members come from all clinical and non-clinical backgrounds. But we recognise that our deployments make unique demands, and so we’re committed to ensuring that our members are fully prepared for everything they might face on a response. 

Our training is responsive, tailored, and continually evolving through a process of evaluation, reflection and review. We partner with specialist training providers such as Safer Edge and Training in Aid, and we also develop our own bespoke courses.

How we train

We run a comprehensive and flexible programme of training activities and courses. The Core Training Pathway ensures that all UK-Med Register members, regardless of background and experience, are fully prepared for their deployment. Our core training takes place online in a wide variety of ways from self-directed e-learning to live workshops and simulation exercises. 

Immediately before a deployment, critical ‘just-in-time’ training is offered to further strengthen the response’s effectiveness. 

All our training is underpinned by proven educational research. We evaluate the training on how you react, and how much you learn. We survey at the end of a deployment to assess the impact of the training on behaviour, and we ultimately assess results by capturing data on project and programme reviews, organisational debriefs and learning reviews.

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Our learning principles

We share responsibility for our learning journeys. At UK-Med, we commit to improving our training delivery and our Register members commit to maintaining their own learning development. The process is cyclical and mutual and continually evolving. 

We commit to accessibility. We are maintaining and expanding a programme of training. Our training is delivered online, and we develop our courses with the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion embedded at all levels.

We believe in learning by doing

By active learning and reflecting on learning outcomes, you gain a deeper knowledge of not just what to do, but how to do it - and why.

We believe in learning together

Our members are our greatest resource. You already bring a wealth of knowledge and skills. We encourage peer-to-peer learning. This also strengthens the team.

We believe in relevant learning

Our courses are led by our experience of what’s needed in the field, and by research. We review our methodologies, analyse the data and listen to our members. We also ensure that learning is relevant to the individual, and we respond to the training needs of our members.

We believe learning must be adaptable

Deployments and responses change all the time, and we continually evaluate the emerging needs of health emergencies as they arise. We encourage adaptability in our members, giving them the confidence to act flexibly and appropriately in challenging and changing environments.

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