UK Emergency Medical Team Recruitment

Do you have what it takes to be part of the UK Emergency Medical Team?

The UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) provides high quality emergency health care solutions in a range of humanitarian contexts on behalf of the UK Government.

We deploy UK-based clinicians, normally released for three weeks at a time by NHS employers. At any time, we have a team of sixty clinicians on call who are ready to respond to disasters anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours.

We can respond following earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, disease outbreaks or to other humanitarian contexts. Depending on the needs, we might deploy individual personnel, small clinical or advisory teams, self-sufficient primary care facilities or a field hospital including surgical team and inpatient facilities. Now we need you!

We are recruiting new clinicians to strengthen our register of 400 doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are ready to respond. Members of the UK EMT register continue in their normal job, but can respond overseas for three weeks at a time when needed.

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We are currently seeking:

UK-Med is not currently recruiting to roles within the UK EMT programme.

If you are interested in joining the UK EMT, we recommend that you join the UK-Med Community of Practice to be contacted directly about future opportunities to join our humanitarian response programmes.


What time commitment do I have to make to the UK EMT?

For most roles (the exceptions are spinal injury specialist roles and some rehab roles) joining the UK EMT means committing to spend at least 2 months each year on-call, during which time you need to be able to respond overseas with 12-24 hours’ notice for a duration of three weeks.  Most participants arrange with their employers to be released from their job if they are called up.  When you are not on-call you will be expected to be generally available to take over from returning members in longer-term responses – this would generally involve three weeks overseas with around 3-6 weeks’ notice.

Are members of the UK EMT paid during a response?

As most members are released from their normal job to join a response, many continue to receive their normal basic pay and benefits from their employer during a deployment – if an agreement to do this has been put in place in advance DFID then reimburses the employers for this cost through UK-Med .  Please note, the UK EMT cannot fund the cost of backfill for a role – we can only cover the direct cost of salary, National Insurance and Pension contributions for the employee who joins a response for the period the employee is away from their normal job.  Individual arrangements can be made for people who are outside of standard employment contracts (e.g. locums / bank staff).

What training will I receive?

All members of the UK EMT follow a training pathway that includes online security training, and two residential training courses, the Pre Deployment Course for all members, and a Deployment Course that is specific to the part of the programme you will be joining.  See our Core Training Pathway page for more information. Once you have completed core training you will be able to apply for places on our other UK EMT training courses.