Application & Training Process

UK-Med / Application & Training Process


We will find out more about your skills, experience, personal attributes and expectations to make sure you are right for UK-Med and to match you with the most suitable opportunities as they arise.


  • CV/Application Form
  • Interviews
  • Practical Tasks
  • Group Discussion
  • Peer Review


You will receive core training to help you understand our contexts, procedures and expectations, as well as specialist training related to the type of response you are signing up for. This will equip you with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to thrive in our responses.


  • Safety and Security
  • Programme Specific Mechanisms
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Protection/Safeguarding
  • Management Structures and Governance of Responses
  • Media and Communications
  • Simulation Exercises


We will actively manage risks to you, our patients, and other members by taking steps to make sure that you are suitable and healthy enough to be part of our responses.


  • Criminality Checks (including DBS/criminal record checks in relevant countries)
  • Medical/Health Checks
  • Public/Online Profile Screening
  • References
  • Medical License Status Check
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