BSAFE: Mandatory Online Security Awareness Training

Be informed. Be alert. BSAFE.

  • Mandatory course for all aspiring UK-Med Register members
  • One hour online
  • Externally hosted and verified through UNDSS (UN Department for Safety and Security).

About this course

This is a mandatory part of UK-Med’s Core Training Pathway. This is the same course that is compulsory for all staff and volunteers covered by the UN Security Management System.

What you will learn

By undertaking this course:

  • You’ll be able to play a more active role in keeping yourself and your colleagues safe
  • You’ll have a clearer understanding of how the UN manages safety and security
  • You’ll be able to apply practical techniques to manage risk
  • You’ll be able to react appropriately when faced with actual danger, threat or injury
  • You’ll begin to develop a better comprehension of your own psychological reaction to security incidents, and you’ll know where to get help.

How you will learn

This course is online and available in multiple languages. You’ll follow an interactive story which is broken down into four parts. After completing this, you’ll take an assessment consisting of fifty randomly-chosen questions. You need a minimum score of 80% to pass and you’ll be notified immediately of your final result. You can repeat the assessment as many times as you need.

Who this course is for

It’s mandatory for all our members. It’s the basic introduction to safety and security, and will be followed by a more comprehensive course offered by UK-Med after you’ve completed your Core Training. It’s suitable for all staff at any level of seniority or prior experience.

Course details

The BSAFE Course is delivered as an interactive story. There are four sections which cover the following themes and topics:

  • Risk management, professionalism, cultural awareness, gender and diversity issues
  • Movements and travel, hotels, office security, preparing for a crisis and first aid
  • Residential security, demonstrations, emergency communications, safe driving, mines, camps and settlements
  • Your health and wellbeing, and dealing with violence.

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