Training of Trainers Course

Develop foundational skills in planning, delivering and evaluating specific, tailored training interventions and activities in humanitarian health programming.

  • Open to all on UK-Med’s Register
  • Online self-paced learning modules and a day of group workshops
  • Developed and hosted by UK-Med

About this course

Our Training of Trainers Course has always been an integral part of UK-Med’s training. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, UK-Med members found themselves heavily involved in training staff and empowering national teams to improve their future responses to emergencies or outbreaks. UK-Med’s Register members come from a variety of backgrounds from clinicians to allied health professionals, so it’s vital for you to be equipped with the skills you need to confidently design, develop and deliver effective training solutions around the world.

What you will learn

By undertaking this course:

  • You’ll develop skills to deliver training effectively and efficiently
  • You’ll gain an understanding of learning and training methodologies, and how to design and plan training activities
  • You’ll understand the importance of evaluating your training
  • You’ll share your own knowledge and experience and draw on the knowledge and experience of your peers to adopt new approaches in training.

How you will learn

This course takes place online. These online modules will take three to four hours to complete, with additional resources for your own self-directed learning. This is followed by a live workshop which takes one day. The workshop includes real-life scenarios, discussions, case studies and group project work. We encourage peer learning and will draw on the broad range of experiences of our participants.

Who this course is for

This course is open to all members of UK-Med’s register who have completed the Core Training Pathway. You may be new to training and learning methodologies and practice, or you may have some experience which you’ll be able to share in the group sessions. The course is open to those with all levels of humanitarian experience.

Course details

The key topics you’ll learn about on the Training of Trainers Course are:

  • Bloom’s taxonomy as a teaching tool
  • Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning
  • How to design and plan training activities
  • How to deliver training effectively
  • How to evaluate and assess training activities
  • How to deliver key training skills and knowledge to other trainers

We select and contact members to take part in this course. You can always get in touch to register your interest. 


If you aren’t a member yet but want to look at applying you can contact us today.