Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices

Course duration: : 6 months distance learning (based on average study time of 5 hours per week)

Course description: Developed in conjunction with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Certification in
Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) is aimed at experienced Logisticians and medical
specialists handing the medical supply within humanitarian organisations. The self-paced distance
learning is designed specifically for those presently working (or planning to work) in the cold chain or
operational supply chain positions within humanitarian organisations.

MedLog is designed for Logisticians who need to understand the specialist requirements of the
medical supply chain, or for medical staff who have, or may have, responsibility for the medical
supply chain. There are no academic pre-requisites to joining the programmes. Logisticians without
experience of medical logistics or the cold chain may be recommended to take the Certification in
Humanitarian Logistics programme first.

For more information visit: https://logisticslearningalliance.com/humanitarian-courses-medlog/

Eligible specialities: This is online course is open to pharmacist and anyone who has taken on the medical
logistics role in addition to their clinical speciality within the UK Emergency Medical Team.