Growing our registers and deployment opportunities

As disasters become more complex, frequent and severe, UK-Med is working towards being better prepared to meet growing humanitarian need and deploy more frequently. A crucial part of this work has been to improve our understanding of the expertise, capabilities and interests of our current members through our membership survey. With over 450 responses, the survey has given us a lot of insights into the membership as a whole, and as individuals. We will use this information to plan future recruitment more strategically, as well as offering individuals opportunities that fit well with their own interests and availability.

The survey results are already allowing us to identify potential candidates for our new Coordination and Leadership Roster.  Members of this roster will be available to deploy with the WHO, UK-Med or other NGOs as individuals to strengthen humanitarian responses (see David Anderson’s report on his time in Mozambique for an example of this).  Deploying individuals in this way will also allow UK-Med to identify the need for larger-scale deployments early in a response.

Members who indicated through the survey that they would be interested in this kind of response will be considered over the next couple of weeks, and people whose expertise matches the needs of these roles will be contacted shortly about next steps in joining the roster.  In parallel, open recruitment has been launched for this roster through ReliefWeb to attract people who have relevant expertise but who are not yet UK-Med members.

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