The path to becoming a deployable UK-Med register member is changing.

At UK-Med we have used this year’s disruption in face-to-face events to carry out a comprehensive training review.  We’re keen to share this with you now as we roll out new and updated materials in the coming months.

Face to face moves online:

Where the core training pathway used to be made up of mainly face-to-face meetings, we are using a blended learning approach to make sure all participants are trained and prepared for a humanitarian response.

This means that the path to becoming a deployable register member for UK-Med and the UK Emergency Medical Team is now made up of predominantly online courses with some face to face opportunities, subject to government restrictions.

These include: self-directed online courses, online live-sessions, remote tabletop exercises, face-to-face training, immersive simulation exercises. Activities such as webinars, online seminars and podcasts will no doubt also be joining the list.

New additions to our portfolio:

  • UK-Med Online Induction
  • UK EMT Online Induction
  • A blended HEAT Course with online modules, online live-calls and an immersive simulation
  • The Selection Training (which will replace the Pre-Departure Training).

There is also a blended Deployment Course on the way – and many other courses and learning pathways in the pipeline.

Updated training pathway:

The overall structure as it currently exists will contain two phases:

  1. The Assessment Phase – to build knowledge and awareness of working in the humanitarian sector with UK-Med and to assess whether we are a good fit for each other.
  2. The Capacity Development and Preparedness Phase – to ensure you are prepared by building skills, attitudes and confidence to deploy into a humanitarian emergency. Activities centre around interpersonal skills and the transfer of technical clinical skills.

We will continue to revise and update our learning activities to ensure they fit the global humanitarian need of the time. For this reason, the pathway has been kept fairly general but will allow for content and focus of the different phases and steps to be changed or adapted. We’ll communicate any variations to participants as they move through the pathway.

When will face-to-face training resume?

Unfortunately, the short answer still is: We don’t know.

We want to maintain certain face-to-face elements of the Core Training Pathway as in-person interaction is essential.  However, given the current situation we are planning a one-day online version of our two-day residential.  This is a  tabletop exercise run on a Remote Exercise Management system.

The first remote Selection Training is scheduled for mid-December.

We are working hard to train and prepare you, despite the fact we can’t meet in person.

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