“The scale, the fluidity, the speed of which people are coming out is outstanding” – reporting on the Ukraine crisis from the border

Since our last update, the number of refugees fleeing Ukraine has grown to over one million (UNHCR): undoubtedly a humanitarian crisis with urgent health needs.

We’ve received many questions from people wanting to help but not sure how. The feeling of solidarity and support has been overwhelming. As we continue our work on the ground, you can make a real difference by:

  • Donating to our appeal: uk-med.org/ukraine-appeal
  • Sharing the appeal with schools, community groups and workplaces that want to get involved
  • Setting up a fundraiser, which can be done easily on Facebook through GivePanel.

Update from the ground

Ram and Tom have now travelled across the border from Poland. Over the past couple of days, we’ve been working with a number of our partners, including PCPM; a Polish emergency medical charity, who are travelling with us into Ukraine and have been doing amazing work.

The need we’re seeing:

  • Many of the refugees are journeying to neighbouring Poland, Romania, and Moldova.
  • There is support needed at the border – particularly as those coming in are women, children, and the elderly.
    • It is incredibly cold, particularly at night, and temperatures are dropping below freezing.
    • There are additional difficulties facing third nationality citizens who are unable to leave without a Ukrainian passport.
  • There is also support needed inside Ukraine – particularly Western Ukraine.
    • Hospitals are running low on critical supplies including oxygen, medication, and painkillers.
    • Many people have been unable to cross the border because of issues related to mobility, lack of funds, injuries etc.
    • As in many cases of conflict, following waves of people are expected to much more desperate and will have fewer resources.

You can hear more from Tom on BBC Radio Manchester here.

The difference your help is making

We have been overwhelmed with the kindness of our supportive community – in Manchester, from the UK, and around the world. These donations are making a difference right now: enabling us to be on the ground, working to provide medical and healthcare to where it’s most needed.

As the situation evolves, our response is evolving too. We’ll keep you continually updated with news from the ground and urge you to please keep supporting and sharing the appeal that makes it possible.

The situation is rapidly unfolding. If you are able to, please support us with a gift today and help our teams provide emergency health support.

Feature image: Ram on the Poland/Ukraine border on the 4th March 2022.

“The scale, the fluidity, the speed of which people are coming out is outstanding. We need to be ready for supporting these people - both from the Poland side, and from inside Ukraine.”

– Tom, Operations Director on BBC Radio Manchester

Donate today to get urgent medical support where it’s needed, fast.

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