Advanced Safeguarding (February to May 2022 sessions)

If you have completed the Safeguarding pathway, you are now eligible to apply for and attend the UK-Med Advanced Safeguarding training. Find out more about this below, or apply for a session here.

What is the training for?

The objective of this training is to provide Register members with further insight into:

  • what the role of a UK-Med safeguarding focal point looks like in the field;
  • the responsibilities and limitations of this role and potential dilemmas they may face;
  • the nuances and sensitivity of what is needed to effectively respond to a safeguarding concern;
  • how to signpost individuals who may approach you during a deployment.

This role is essential for individuals who are interested in becoming a Safeguarding Focal Point on our responses but does not automatically guarantee that you will be allocated the role.

How the sessions will run

Participants will attend three 3-hour live sessions with specialists on humanitarian safeguarding taking place over three consecutive weeks.

This time allows for you to engage with the subject matter through discussions, case study analysis, and practice. Previous course attendees have expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to learn about this specialised area further.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to work through the subject matter by completing the Safe Spaces self-directed module after the live sessions. The safe spaces are six scenarios which present a fictional situation portraying typical scenarios and dilemmas that the UK-Med Safeguarding Focal Point may encounter, prompting you to reflect on what would be an appropriate response.

If you would like to apply to attend this training, please complete the form here.

Please note places are limited and will be allocated on first come first serve basis.

We hope to see you there!