Travel FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to this document in the first instance if you have any questions about your travel with UK-Med.

When will my flights/accommodation be booked?

We need to make sure that all HR checks have been completed, and you are fully onboarded before we can book your travel. This could mean flights are being booked quite close to departure but please be assured we are all working hard to get your plans organized as quickly as possible.

Can I choose which flights I take?

UK-Med uses a humanitarian travel agent to book the majority of our travel, and not all airlines/services are available to them.

We must also consider cost, as well as donor regulations when booking travel, so although we will try to accommodate where possible, ultimately travel will be booked with the needs of the program as a priority.

Can I change my flights once I’m deployed?

We cannot accommodate flight changes once your travel has been booked. This includes changing to travel to a different location, extending your stay in country or flying home from a different location. This policy still stands if you are willing to pay the difference in cost.

Will I be picked up from the airport when I land?

In most instances, you will be picked up from the airport when you land and taken to your hotel. The exception to this is when landing into Poland for our Ukraine program, where you will make your own way to the hotel.

I have a long layover, will you book me into a lounge?

If your layover is longer than 6 hours, you can book your own lounge and claim it back on expenses. UK-Med are not able to book lounges for you.

What happens with my per diems?

Please contact your HR focal point for information about per diems.

What happens if I need a visa?

If you need a visa to enter the country you are deploying to, UK-Med will let you know. Most visa applications need to be completed by the passport holder themselves, so it’s likely you will have a form or two to fill in, and maybe need to provide a couple of passport photos.

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