Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Course duration: 3 days

Course aim: Participants will come away from this course with increased awareness of security threats in conflict affected areas and the confidence and knowledge of how to reduce risk through the identification of threats in a deployment environment.

Course description: This training has been designed specifically for UK Emergency Medical Team (UK EMT) and frames security through the lens of a deployment that is specific to UK-Med and the wider UK EMT. It provides an excellent opportunity for participants to increase their self-awareness of how they respond to stress and to discuss and practice reactions in high risk situations.

This course covers topics such as:

· Risk assessment and risk mitigation

· Self-Awareness

· Checkpoints and vehicle maintenance

· Interpersonal skills and negotiation

· Incident management

· Avoiding and responding to carjacking, arrest, detention and kidnap

· Trauma first aid

CPD points: 18 hours CPD points

Eligible specialities: This course is open to all specialities who have completed core training and have indicated that they would be willing to deploy to conflict.

Participant testimonials:

‘Excellent immersive course, great instructors.’

‘Very helpful. Useful to think about the aspects over which we do have some control in a hostile situation, as opposed to those in which we just have to accept what is happening without getting over anxious.’

‘It was incredibly well organised course, instructors were very knowledgeable. We were left to adapt and use what we had learnt and reinforced our feelings & common sense in incredibly difficult circumstances.