Nutrition in emergencies

Course duration: 2 days

Course aim: Participants will be able to confidently identify the different types of malnutrition and
their appropriate treatment in the field. This training will also prepare UK EMT members for taking
on the role of Nutrition Focal Point in the event of a deployment.

Course description:Nutrition in Emergencies was developed specifically for UK-Med by experts in humanitarian nutrition
and is designed to prepare clinicians to screen for malnutrition in an at-risk population and to raise
awareness of the burden of nutrition in countries that the UK EMT is likely to deploy to.

This course covers topics such as:
• Basics of Nutrition
• Acute Malnutrition
• Infant and young children feeding
• Micronutrients

Register members who have completed this training would become nutrition focal point in addition
to their normal clinical role on a deployment.

Pre-requisite training: As a pre-requisite to this course, all those selected to attend will need to
complete modules 1 to 3 of the free online LSHTM ‘Programming for Nutrition’.

CPD points: 12 hours CPD points

Eligible specialities: This training is open to all specialities who have completed core training.
How to apply: We will advertise courses to the relevant specialities who have completed core
training via email once each course date has been finalised.

Participant testimonials:
‘Many thanks – a very valuable course on an area I knew little about. Very important for EMT.’

‘Excellent and very useful in deployment.’

‘This course was excellent. Really well delivered, clear and interesting. Complex topics were
explained so well and it was evident that a lot of care and preparation had gone into the breadth of
information presented.’

‘A very informative day, interesting looking into primary care in a humanitarian context.’

‘Feel it will give me confidence to highlight concerns regarding malnourished children and those
exhibiting possible deficiencies.’