Outbreak Response Specialist Team (ORST) FAQs

Below you can find more details regarding membership of the Outbreak Response Specialist Team that are relevant to current members of the UK EMT Type 1 and Type 2 register.

Can I be on the UK EMT Type 2 register and the ORST register?

Yes – you can be on both registers at the same time.

How long will the deployments be for?

The deployments will be for a period of three weeks. You may also be required to undergo tests and/or self-isolation on your return. This will be dependent upon Public Health England guidance for the specific pathogen and outbreak.

Deployments will be under the same framework as your current system with the UK EMT Type 2 deployments. That is, it will require your employer to sign off your release. Your costs will be covered by the UK EMT and the Trust reimbursed.

Will I need to be prepared to respond to any outbreak?

Yes – to be on the register and on-call rota you must be prepared to respond to any type of outbreak (Ebola, Diphtheria, COVID etc). We understand that circumstances can change, and this will be taken into account as part of the pre-deployment process.

Will I need to go through a new medical etc for this register?

No – you will not need to go through a new medical for this. You will require to be up to date with all your vaccinations and have been screened by a Well Travelled Clinic (WTC) as part of the routine programme of medicals which are already in place for the UK EMT.

Do I need experience of an overseas outbreak response?

No – you do need to have outbreak deployment experience; however, this would be advantageous. It is important that you have strong experience in outbreak/IPC and/or experience of working overseas in low-resource environments.

Will there be additional training?

Yes – additional training will be provided, however this will depend on the type and location of the specific outbreak and will be designed to meet the need at that time.