Specialist Training Courses

UK-Med / Specialist Training Courses

At different stages of the training pathway members may be invited to attend further specialist training. This training is only a requirement for being on-call for certain specialities. For others, it provides additional skills for team members. Current specialist training courses include those below:

Anaesthesia for the Austere Environment

New e-Learning module for doctors involved in the delivery of humanitarian aid work in disaster areas and developing countries

Life Saving Skills and Essential Obstetric Care

The course is designed to cover the five major causes of maternal death, as well as newborn resuscitation and early newborn care.

Medical Logistics

The Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) is aimed at experienced logisticians and medical specialists handing the medical supply within humanitarian organizations.


Pharmacy in Austere and Challenging Environments (PACE)


This course covers an overview of the medical supply chain, sourcing pharmaceutical products for an emergency health response, and the storage and handling of pharmaceuticals in a humanitarian context.

Rehabilitation Specialist Cell (eligible following PDC, delivered in collaboration with Humanity & Inclusion)

For people injured as a result of war or natural disasters, who suffer from congenital impairments such as club foot, or who are affected by disabling diseases such as polio, rehabilitation is the first step towards regaining independence.

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

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Spinal Specialist Cell (eligible following PDC, delivered in collaboration with Humanity & Inclusion)

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Sterilisation (delivered by Medical Aid International)


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Surgical Training for the Austere Environment (delivered in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons of England)


This interactive five-day course teaches the essential surgical decision-making strategies and techniques for surgeons working in austere conditions.


Walking Blood Bank

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