What is the on-call rota?

The on-call rota supports UK-Med’s ability to provide a rapid surge response to a humanitarian crisis.

When on-call, UK-Med Register members should be ready to join a response within 24 – 48 hours if called upon.

The rota is split into 2 month periods across the year, with 6 periods in an entire year.

Do I need to join the on-call rota to stay on the UK-Med Register?

UK-Med Register members who need to be temporarily released from a UK NHS employer to join a response must provide availability for at least 1 full on-call period each year. This enables discussions with your employer ahead of any potential deployment.

Other UK-Med Register members can also opt-in to the rota if they would prefer to organise their participation with UK-Med in this way, but this is not a requirement.

Important notes

  • There is no guarantee of deploying whilst you are on-call.
  • There is no salary or stipend for being on-call.
  • You will need to complete any remaining onboarding requirements ahead of time to enable rapid deployment.
  • Not all roles within the UK-Med Register are represented within the on-call rota.