Virtual Fundraising

Fundraise from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual fundraising has grown in popularity over recent years. There are many perks to holding your event online! Some benefits include:

more flexibility;

access to people across the world;

cheaper (and often easier) to organise;

reduced environmental costs.

The sky’s (or rather, the internet’s) the limit when it comes to virtual fundraising. We’ve provided a few ideas below, but there are so many more to take inspiration from online or you can create your own.

Ways you could fundraise virtually

Donate your birthday on Facebook

We can change birthdays from a day of receiving to a day of giving.

Over 45 million people have already set up birthday fundraisers on Facebook, and we can see why – Facebook will do most of the hard work for you!

Host a virtual quiz night

Come up with questions around a specific theme or find some fun trivia online.

Quizzes can be as long or as short as you like, and you could even threw in some novelty prizes for the winners!

Lead an online class

Are you a fantastic cook? Can you speak another language? Do you enjoy yoga?

We all have our talents, so show yours off by teaching your friends, family, colleagues and extended network.

Throw a party

Let your hair down and invite those you love to a virtual party.

With a virtual party, there are no limits to the number of people who can attend. You can mix it up with a virtual murder mystery, fancy dress or theme for the night too!

Be an entrepreneur

Use sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop or Vinted to sell homemade crafts or declutter your unwanted things.

Do your bit for the planet as well as fundraising!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss potential ideas with the team. We’d love to hear about what you get up to!

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