Member Voices: Faith Atim, Midwife

“My mother inspired me into the medical profession having watched her serve as nurse since I was a little girl.”

To mark the WHO year of the nurse and midwife, we’re hearing from new member Faith Atim about her reasons for becoming a midwife and joining UK-Med as part of our Outbreak Response Register.

“Coming from a remote village in rural Uganda, my mother was the only help people could access for medical services. And as a nurse, my mother struggled helping women with delivery because they could not easily access midwives at public health facilities. I therefore wanted to be a nurse like my mother so I could help many sick people, and also to be a midwife so that I could help those mothers give birth.  When I became a Nurse/Midwife I was so happy at that achievement, but the challenges of the field made me yearn for more opportunities to advance my skills and knowledge so that I could better address with confidence the ever-emerging challenges.

UK-Med provided me with the opportunity to not only discover my strengths but also experience the reality of new approaches to medical practice. I am glad I was able to participate in the outbreak response register training. Every day I feel empowered to reach out to more people and am grateful to UK-Med for this wonderful opportunity.

I look forward to what the future has to offer.”


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