Celebrating future climate activists at the Words For Your World award ceremony

Students throwing their graduation hats in the air at the Words For Your World ceremony.
“The heatwave last week was lovely, wasn’t it? A heatwave in March! Who would have thought?! You may have complained; ‘it’s too hot,’ so did I! But this is nothing compared to some other extreme weathers though, like cyclones and typhoons in Asia, droughts in Africa or floods in Europe.”

                – Year 9 winner: Martha, St. Damian’s RC Science College

On Friday July 15th, UK-Med was delighted to be a part of Words For Your World award ceremony which celebrated the fantastic contributions of young people across the United Kingdom.  

The award ceremony followed the University of Manchester’s Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI)’s schools writing competition, Words For Your World, in collaboration with our Sounding the Siren partners – HCRI and Save the Children UK. 

The writing competition was an opportunity for young people to have their say about the climate crisis, how it’s affecting them, and what changes they want and need to see happen in the future.  

The competition received hundreds of submissions of letters and speeches addressed to the United Nations.

The high-standard of entry made decision-making very difficult for the nominated judging panel that included our very own Digital Communications and Engagement Lead, Sophie Grattidge, as well as Dr Stephanie Sodero (Lecturer in Responses to Climate Crises at the HCRI) and Gareth Owen OBE (Humanitarian Director at Save the Children UK).

Click here to see the list of winners and to watch the film showcasing some of their fantastic pieces of work! 

We wish a huge congratulations to all the students who participated in the competition. The voices of today’s youth are strong and inspiring.  

“The world of tomorrow lies in the hands of everyone around the world. So which future do you choose?”

                – Year 11 Winner: Mohammad, Bury Grammar School Boys

Sounding the Siren to protect future generations 

Every year, the lives and livelihoods of millions of people are destroyed by disasters – both caused and made worse by the climate emergency. That number is growing. 

Last October, in our report Sounding the Siren, aid workers across the globe report warned that the world is unprepared for the escalating crisis.

We published this report ahead of COP26, and with little action taken by world leaders following the conference, we are eager to continue our calls for action and are proud to have been a part of a project that has given a voice to the young people who will be most affected by inaction.  

To read and share findings from the report, including the digital novella Amrita’s Story, visit: soundingthesiren.com  

Illustration by: Dwarka Nath Sinha

Feature image: Graduates at the ceremony on 15 July. Credit A Johnson / HCRI

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