UK-Med Register Member Information Hub


This area of our website is for UK-Med Register members who are looking for more information about their membership and how best to get in touch with HQ.

Here you can provide and update additional information that are requirements to engage in health programmes, as well as access other areas with useful information.

In this hub, you’ll find:

  • How to update your info
  • How we build our teams
  • Our training courses
  • Useful contacts
  • Stories from fellow members

You can update your information at any time via our online membership portal

Contact HQ

See below for guidance on where to direct questions within UK-Med.

Please make sure to contact the correct department when reaching out – this will help the team to answer your query as quickly and effectively as possible.

Contact the Learning team for guidance on training courses (in-person and e-learning), accessing Kaya and for queries about the Induction and Core-training pathways: learning@uk-med.org

Contact the HR & Membership team about your onboarding progress when joining the Register onboarding@uk-med.org, or when joining a response or starting your on-call period deploymentreadiness@uk-med.org

Contact the Travel team for guidance on travel and accommodation arrangements when joining a response: travel@uk-med.org

Contact our Media Manager Ian Woolverton if you’re approached by the media for an interview or you would like guidance on interacting with your local media: ian.woolverton@uk-med.org

Responding with UK-Med – What to expect before travel

Learn about how the UK-Med team will contact you when preparing you to join a response, including contact points at each stage.

Access our infographic >

Travel Policy & FAQs

We’ve put together some information to answer any questions you may have about your travel with UK-Med.

Read our Travel FAQ to learn more about how we work to get you where you need to be. You can refer to our Travel Policy for more detailed guidance.


After applying to join the UK-Med Register, you’ll be invited onto the Core Training Pathway.

All of our courses have now been developed so that you can undertake them online, and we’re working in partnership with a variety of specialist training providers to ensure that our courses are relevant, up-to-date and fit for purpose.

How we build our teams

Building a humanitarian response team can be a complex process. We’ve produced a short guide that explains our approach and how we might interact with you during preparation and planning.

Read our guide on how this process works >

How we run our on-call rota

The on-call rota supports UK-Med’s ability to provide a rapid surge response to a humanitarian crisis. Learn more about how we maintain the rota with our short guide.

Read our guide on how the on-call rota works >


Every two weeks we share an email bulletin including important information on how to get the most out of your membership, including:

  • Response preparation and readiness
  • Training and learning opportunities
  • Upcoming events

As a member of the UK-Med Register, you’ll have been subscribed to the Bulletin automatically. If you have unsubscribed from the Bulletin previously, you will need to re-subscribe if you would like to receive it in future.

Complete this form to resubscribe >

Member stories

Hear from fellow UK-Med members and their experience out in the field:

Guidance on media enquiries

Guidance on what to do if you’re approached by the media for a story.

Read more >


If you’d like to join us, here are the team members we’re looking for right now.

Click below to see current vacancies in UK-Med’s central staff team, as well as opportunities to apply for an emergency response role:

Our recent deployments


As the war in Ukraine persists, we’re on the ground providing direct medical care, training and support for the people of Ukraine right now.

Read more >


Following the deadly earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, our team have been helping patients on the ground – but the injuries and health needs from this disaster are complex.

Read more >


After first arriving in Malawi to respond to the Cholera outbreak, we have since been helping to respond to the devastation caused by Cyclone Freddy in Malawi.

Read more >


As part of the Emergency Medical Team, we’ve been in Somalia to support with capacity building of healthcare professionals in Mogadishu following the twin explosions in October 2022.

Read more >